The BRAVEHEARTS Wheeler Peek Retreat is July 18 – 21. *Young men must have completed the BRAVEHEARTS Retreat at High Plains Retreat Center in order to attend the Wheeler Peek Retreat.

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The goal of the Bravehearts Mentoring Program is to encourage and support young men in their quest to be men of honor. Purity, strength and direction are ingrained in the teaching. The lessons focus on character and provide young men with a team of godly men and peers who will stand with them as they live the adventure.

Email us for more information about this mentoring program or call (806) 354-2288.

“A boy has a lot to learn in his journey to become a man… All around us are boys and young men who are in desperate need of someone to show them the way. What does it mean to be a man? Am I a man? This we must understand: masculinity is bestowed. A boy learns who he is and what he’s made of from a man (or a company of men). This can’t be learned any other place.”

John Eldredge, Wild at Heart.

“Thank you to Hope Choice for allowing us to be a part of the Wheeler Peak expedition. This trip allowed us the time to get away from the busy world and develop our relationship as father and son. The weekend was challenging, as neither of us has done any mountain climbing, but we learned that we could tackle many obstacles along the way by working together. We learned a lot about ourselves and about each other. The trip was challenging, educational, spiritual, rewarding and amazingly pretty fun. A special thanks to our Bravehearts’ guides Brian Gibbs, Jake Gibbs and Steve Farren. We really enjoyed talking, fishing, worshipping and experiencing this adventure with them. Again, thanks so much for a time we will cherish forever!!!”

Keith Mathis
Kameron Mathis