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Mission Statement

The mission of CareNet Pregnancy Centers, an outreach ministry of Jesus Christ, is equipping parents, teens and pre-teens to live lives of purpose, ministering to pregnant women and providing support to women and families through education and resources.

Vision Statement

Christ is the head of the ministry. We are committed to sharing the love and compassion of Christ, as well as, the truth of His Word with all those that we serve. Presenting the gospel in word and deed is paramount to our mission. Board, staff, and volunteers represent Christ to everyone impacted by the ministry. We commit to be faithful stewards of what God has entrusted to us through consistent prayer, responsible planning, accountability to our supporters, and wise use of resources in our communities.

CareNet Promises

+ Provide free and confidential services to all of our clients.
+ Never discriminate in the treatment of its clients.
+ Have volunteers that will be gentle, not manipulative or coercive, presenting factual information to our clients.
+ Supply accurate information on fetal development, adoption, abortion procedures and risks, parenting, and premarital abstinence.
+ Help women carry their babies to term by providing emotional support and practical assistance.
+ Uphold the sanctity of human life and never refer for abortion.
+ Be faithful stewards of this ministry through consistent prayer, responsible planning, wise use of resources and accountability to our supporters.
+ Use integrity in dealing with clients, by earning their trust, providing promised information and services and never engaging in any form of deception in corporate advertising or in individual conversations.
+ Comfort victims of abortion, as well as others who are hurting from pregnancy loss, as they find healing, restoration and peace.


In 1987, a steering committee was formed with the specific purpose of helping a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy; understand all of her options while assisting her with her specific situation. The heart of the ministry of CareNet is to support women and families in difficult circumstances, allowing the opportunity to make a positive choice for both themselves and their baby. CareNet is also committed to providing practical assistance with resources and education to assist and equip women and families to care for their children. CareNet was founded as a pro-life Christian organization and is committed to sharing the love of Christ in word and deed with everyone we have the privilege to serve.

In the 25 plus years that have followed, a full-circle of programs and services have been added to further impact our community in a positive way. From becoming a leader in mentoring of teens and tweens and presenting talks in schools, to providing educational classes, post abortion support, sonograms, and material goods, CareNet has continued to grow and expand in an amazing way. In our first year of operation we were thrilled to interact with 235 clients, since that time we have had the highest honor of standing in the gap with our clients over 103,421 times and have expanded to four locations.

Candy Gibbs
Executive Director

Kelli Bullard
Director of Operations

Kalley Sadler
Director, Center City Branch

Brenda Taylor
Director, Medi-Park Branch

Dawn Riley
Director of Mentoring

Margie Truelock
Financial Secretary

Michael Haning 

Grant Smith
Vice President

Brandon Wing

Jeff Sumpter 

Cindy Rowley
Becky Davis
Cindy Hutson, M.D.
Grant Smith
Rick Trafton
Josh Wood
Nancy Hickman
Carol Rohane
David Nance
Jeff Jackson

Art Baker
Anthony Bass, O.D.
Robert Bauman, Jr., Ph.D.
Dennis Boren
Beaumont Boyce
Arturo Carillo, M.D.
Judy Cassetty, R.N., B.S.N.
Jim Childers
Dr. Stan Cosby
Mrs. Cindy Curtis, C.C.E.
James Douthitt, D.D.S., M.S.
Brian Eades, M.D.
Jimmy Evans
T.D. Hammons
Billy Hawkins
J Pat Hickman
Gene Hill
Linda Hinders
Tim Holloway
Melburn Huebner, M.D.
Dan Jenkins, M.D.
Rev. Roy Korengay
Dr. Gil Lain
Larry Latham, C.P.A
Clyde Meeks, M.D.
Gerald Morgan, Jr., J.D.
Robert Pinkston, M.D.
Gary Polk, M.D.
Jerry Rohane
Jim Shelton
John Smithee, J.D.
Randy Stewart, M.D.
Tom Thatcher
Brad Tooley
Michael Williams, M.D.
Marvin Winton
Geoffrey Wright, M.D.
Mary Barbara Yokum, M ED
John Young, M.D.