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CareNet Pregnancy Centers

+ A 24-hour helpline 806-354-2244 + Free pregnancy testing and options counseling + Sonograms + Speakers bureau + Information on pregnancy, adoption, and abortion + Young Moms Support Group + Maternity clothing, baby clothing, diapers, and formula + Parenting Classes + Dad Classes  + Childbirth & Baby Safety classes + Premarital workshop + Post-Abortion Support Group + Post-Adoption Support Group

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CareNet Mentoring Programs

There are so many choices we make each and every day. It can be difficult to navigate through them all when you don’t have any help. That is why CareNet has started mentoring groups. Mentoring groups are small classes designed to teach character, values and help build self-esteem. CareNet believes that lives and hearts are priceless. We also know the positive impact that happens when we learn about life together and learn how to CHOOSE HOPE.

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